Centigrade is an international, integrated marketing communications agency, with over 40 years of experience. Our creative marketing support covers everything from strategy, campaigns and concepts to the final deliverable tools.

Caterpillar Video


The Grand Final took place in Leicester (UK), September 21st –26th and Centigrade was there. Besides producing the promotional packages and the on-site decoration, Centigrade also provided on-the-ground support and daily video reports of each day’s highlights completing the post production in time for the evening presentations. They were also posted to the Facebook page for the event.
Watch Day 1 Video here.


Effortless business, stock and sales control

For the launch of the new ruggedized Motorola ET1 tablet for enterprise use, ScanSource wanted to create a buzz. The campaign that was developed expressed the nice design of the ET1 and the ease of operation anywhere - from retail to field sales and service. The campaign communicated the consumer styling of the tablet combined with the real business durability and the benefits of the ET1 for business, stock or sales control.



Sometimes our clients have to improvise with the material that they have available. One example was the development of an accessories brochure for the i-MiEV, Mitsubishi’s first fully electric passenger car. We’ve photographed a prototype for the Japanese market and transformed the image into a complete European specification model including the correct interior options based on material samples.

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