Centigrade is an international, integrated marketing communications agency, with over 40 years of experience. Our creative marketing support covers everything from strategy, campaigns and concepts to the final deliverable tools.


Toro Lynx video mailer

Toro, a world leader in golf course technology and equipment, recently made a multilingual update to their promotional material. Following the success of their original promotion produced by Centigrade, the updated direct mail features a larger video screen and updated highlighting the features of their Lynx GAC system which allows golf courses improved automation of their existing irrigation systems. The video brochure was made in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish.


Product and service selection guides

A product guide or service guide is a great communications tool, providing customers a complete overview of your capabilities and a helping simplify decision making. These are even more effective when they are physically interactive, they can be used for direct mail actions or as part of face-to-face meetings as presentation support.


NXP Sustainability – Health, Safety and Environment

The Sustainability Office at NXP wanted to increase the awareness of sustainability issues across the whole of the newly merged company. Centigrade produced a series of posters firstly introducing the updated Sustainability Policy and then a series of posters and narrowcast slides covering key health, safety and environment issues. The posters make use of simple illustrations for quick, universal comprehension across all NXP’s facilities.

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